UNESCO has been an institutional partner of the Museu Casa do Pontal since 2004, helping to establish dialogues that specifically support educational and social activities and the development of research projects. In 2008, UNESCO provided support for the publication of the handbook for Preservation and Restoration of Works of Brazilian Folk Art, making available the accumulated expertise in this area of the Museu Casa do Pontal.


The Museu Casa do Pontal is considered to be the largest and most significant museum of folk art in Brazil. Created in 1976 by collector Jacques Van de Beuque, the Museo Casa do Pontal was maintained by Van de Beuque for over 20 years. In the mid-1990s, the museum went through an extensive process of institutionalization and expansion of its social, cultural and museum activities, adding to its mission by carrying out systematic research activities, creating exhibitions, offering educational and social activities and conservation and restoration, in the field of folk art and Brazilian culture.

The work of the institution is continuing through the establishment of a network of sponsors and partners that enable the museum to continue its activities and extension projects.

You and your company can also be part of the Museum Casa do Pontal.  There are various possibilities for partnership.